NZ eBike Adventures offer two types of Agencies.

Rental Agency- Let other’s Money work for you!FLAG

When you become a rental agent you are supplied with the an agreed number of eBikes, helmets, spare batteries and eBike GPS trackers. Marketing and advertising materials such as brochures, signs and flag banners are available.

Each agency gets a NZ eBike Adventures rental website with reservation system and on-line credit card processing system. A customized online “back office” offers up-to-date financial information and real-time GPS tracking of your bikes.

Contracts are on a yearly basis and bike inventories are adjusted quarterly to make sure you have the correct amount to maximize your business income.

Owner Agency – The Perfect Passive Investment

161_0TAn eBike owner agent has the opportunity to purchase NZ eBike Adventures eBikes that are used for rentals. NZ eBike Adventures places the bikes into a rental location for you. The rentals, financial processing and maintenance of the bikes are all handled by NZ eBike Adventures.

Our GPS tracking systems assure that your bikes are safe, and you are able to view where they are in real-time.

Agency contracts are ongoing and you are able to request specific placements for rental locations. Each year you are able to order more bikes or withdraw some if that is your desire.

With NZ eBike Adventures you own the eBikes, but we do the work!

Please fill out the online Expression of Interest and Non-Disclosure form to discover the excellent earning potential offered by NZ eBike Adventures.